adidas Zebra Collection with Fanny Lyckman

    For the new season the adidas Originals design team have added flair to a classic animal print with the Zebra Collection. Monochrome Zebra print is met with flashes of field primaries blue and red, harnessing the team heritage of the sports brand in a modern fashion print.

    Developing the iconic zebra motif through a multicolor painted technique, the collection offers raw style on a collection of classic casual pieces. Tops, sweats and lightweight outerwear such as the Superstar Track Top and Zebra-print Windbreaker blend the vibrant zebra pattern with large trefoil graphics for essential three-stripes style, whilst accompanying track pants take a more subtle approach through patterned pocket linings.

    The collection is found exclusively at Junkyard. Click here to find all the pieces.


    Det finnes ingen produkter som svarer til valgene.

    Tags: #editorial #adidas #zebra

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