Disney & Vans presented by JUNKYARD

    No matter how grown up we’re trying to be we still love cartoons. And mixing those childhood heroes with cali skate would be a dream come true. This has just happened! Vans and Disney has come together for a magical collaboration featuring iconic Disney characters. Sharing a rich heritage rooted in Southern California, both Vans and Disney are dedicated to those who are young at heart, just like us, just like you. The collection pays homage to classic characters like Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy and Pluto, featuring both limited apparel, sneakers and accessories.

    We here at JUNKYARD made our own interpretation of the collection with blogger/musician Elsa Fredriksson and Frederik Woloszynski joined by photographer Meddi Kabirzadeh. Check it out below and get inspired!

    Click here to find all the products in the shop.


    Det finnes ingen produkter som svarer til valgene.

    Tags: #disney #vans #collab

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