Euro tour: Team Me Pt.1

    Norwegian pop band Team Me lets us follow their tour through Europe.

    Team Me just released their second studio album internationally, and are currently touring all over Europe. The 6-piece from Norway will visit cities such as London, Paris, Berlin, Milan, Zurich, Prague and Amsterdam to name a few. We've been able to tag along through this series of tour diaries.

    After forming quite quickly back in 2010, Team Me went on to play over 250 shows in two years, including appearances at Latitude and Roskilde. They earned themselves a Norwegian Grammy for "Best Pop Album" for their debut To The Treetops! in 2011 and two Independent Music Awards along the way. For their follow up album Blind as Night, featuring tracks like F is For Faker, and Kick & Curse, the band presented a more dark and heavier side of their music. Recorded in woods of Elverum.

    Where To The Treetops! is a more studio-developed album, Blind As Night is far more a band effort. Having developed their sound as a live band through extensive touring, they wanted to capture some of the live-band's sound on the second album.

    If you want to catch Team Me live on their Euroupean Spring Tour this is where they at:

    28.02 Berlin
    01.03 Cologne
    03.03 Munster
    04.03 Erlangen
    05.03 Heidelberg
    06.03 Mainz

    07.03 Lorrach
    09.03 Munich
    10.03 Milan
    11.03 Zurich
    12.03 Feldkirch
    13.03 Vienna

    14.03 Prague
    20.03 Vadsø
    08.04 Bristol (With The Wombats)
    09.04 Manchester (With The Wombats)
    10.04 Birmingham (With The Wombats)
    11.04 Sheffield (With The Wombats)

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