The Cage by FILA

    Revival of a basketball icon from the 1990s.

    In the 1990s, FILA was a great player in the category basketball with their successful signature models created for such NBA stars as Grant Hill and Jerry Stackhouse. However, apart from these success stories, the best-loved basketball shoe from this era was unquestionably THE CAGE.

    The original design of THE CAGE (1993) broke all the boundaries of innovation and design in basketball sports gear. Combined with the traditional FILA elegance, this pushed the FILA Basketball collection in a whole new direction. What made the design of THE CAGE so revolutionary was the piece around the ankle, the ‘cage’, which enabled basketball players to jump even higher – to soar!

    The relaunch of THE CAGE, over 20 years since the original introduction, is a direct result of the search for a shoe that has a strong story and that played an important role in the history of FILA. There is a good reason why THE CAGE is taking centre stage in the revival of the illustrious basketball history of FILA. Louis W. Collon (Director of Heritage & Lifestyle Product): So I wanted this shoe to be a story leader in the resurgence of the history of the brand.

    The new release of THE CAGE is a chunky streetball sneaker, available in three colours: white, black and red. The sneaker has of course been brought right up-to-date, as can be seen in the design and the use of the latest technology. This includes an update of the revolutionary ankle piece, to which FILA has now added a comfortable ‘Pro Comfort Foam’ layer.

    Shop THE CAGE here.



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