KOKO: – We always try to imagine hearing it at 4am in a field with a load of people

    KOKO is a fairly fresh act out of Bristol, UK. They recently released their second single «Eyes So Wide», a track that is made for a proper garage rave party.

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    Oliver Garland (vocals), Harry Dobson (bass, synth) and Ashley C (synths, lead guitar) met at a party in Bristol in 2017. Their second single, «Eyes So Wide», captures this very moment, the track moves from party-mode to after-party comedown across danceable terrain.

    The group desrcibes the track like this; «Sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down. With every track, we always try to imagine hearing it at 4am in a field with a load of people. We want to take over the world, basically».

    If you ever met the band you won’t doubt that they will - and that they’re often up at 4am.

    High up on KOKO’s list of influences are The Weeknd, Kendrick Lamar and Travis Scott. The trio take inspiration from the freestyle element of hip-hop, often applying aspects of this to their own organic songwriting method, which is sometimes a trial and error process.

    We had a quick chat with the group:

    Hi Koko and happy new year! How are you doing these days?

    – We are awesome, cheers!

    Cool! For the people who don’t know you guys. Can you tell us a little about the group, where you are from and how you met?

    – We’re Koko (Ollie, Ashley and Harry). We all met in Bristol at a totally random mad house party! We vibed straight away and decided to meet up soon after. Turned out we were all looking to start a new project. We all had the same vision of how we wanted to sound, look and present ourselves to the world.

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    KOKO - Eyes So Wide

    It's wonderful when you are like-minded! You recently released «Eyes So Wide»! How's it been and what’s the story behind it?

    – Yeah it’s mental!!! it’s one of our favourites to perform live. It’’s pretty much about lust, whether It’s for someone or something. Just letting yourself lose all inhibitions.

    Ah, nice! The song is both cathcy and a bit gloomy, but for how long time have you been working on it?

    – We wrote it 6 months ago one night in Soho. It came very easily and hasn’t changed that much since the day we wrote it. It’s so good to have it out for the world to hear!


That's really understandable! This is your second single. What’s the biggest difference between «Eyes So Wide» and your first single «Freak»?

    – The first single was to give everyone a taste of who we are and what we’re about. We wanted to follow up with something as strong! Set the bar high and keep it there.


I will say that you made it, but what will you say defines your music?

    – The three of us in a room with our genius producer… it’s hard to describe… It’s unconventional but on its day... It’s total magic.

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    Photo: Promo


Haha, I bet. How’s the scene for this kind of music in Bristol?

    – Yeah, it’s awesome. The music scene in Bristol is really good. It always has been with lots of exciting varied genres and scenes. Everyone supports everyone. It’s a wicked place and we’re so glad to be a small part of it.


Cool! Would like to see you guys live in action. How will you describe a typical gig for KOKO?

    – Carnage!


I may reconsidered that, haha! Sounds rough! May we expect an EP or an album in the immediate future?

    – Can’t say right now but there is A LOT coming so stay tuned.

    Music for our ears ;) When you meet up in the studio. What are your essentials?

    – Positive vibes ...and Stella. Lots of Stella.

    I guess the beer. Surely a good type of beer. What do you think is the most interesting about being an artist/group in 2020?

    – We feel there’s a lot of pressure on society nowadays. We want take every one away from that and give them some light (heavy bass) relief. We love the fact that people from all corners of the world can easily access our tunes. That wasn’t always the case for new artists.

    That's so true! Preach. What are your plans ahead?

    – More songs, more gigs, videos, festivals and a lot more koko! It’s coming thick and fast.

    Tnx 4 chatting, we look forward to hear what you have in store!


Listen to KOKO - «Eyes So Wide»:


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