By Kelly Bricen

    - Where have you been all my life? I've been missing something, without even knowing what something is, and then I heard you. A perfect, refreshing sound, but at the same time, so nostalgic. How do you make that possible?
    Wow thank you, ermm I good question but I'm not sure I have the answer haha I will try. I guess it's because I'm a lad from this era but heavily influenced by whats gone before me like Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Lauryn Hill Amy Winehouse the list goes on, so I like to think I have a familiar tone or nostalgia to my music yet it feels new because it's me and we are in 2016 so aswell as been influenced by old stuff Im heavily influenced by my environment and my peers around me. It's weird though because its not something I think of I just make music and it is what it is Im just happy people are reacting and responding to it, its and amazing feeling.

    - What is the story behind the "Running Away (Winta James Mix)" video?
    Haha its funny actually because I flew out to Jamaica to shoot for the original mix of this song which is my first single, but we messed it up we didn't get enough of the right footage to get the video i wanted for the single but we had all this amazing behind the scenes footage of the trip and shoot, so instead of putting it to waste we edited something together for the remix (wintajames mix) and its came out great I'm very happy with it but purely accidental.

    - It seems like the Scandinavian countries have always admired and followed the British music scene. Does it go both ways though? Do you know anything about Norwegian music?
    Haha you are putting me on the spot, I do listen to a lot of Mikhael Paskalev and Jonas Aslaksen they are both incredible artists they studied music at the same University that I did couple of years older, when I arrived they were both big inspirations of mine. Also the danish guy Lukas Graham is big out here his song 7 years old is played on the radio 24/7 also the Danish girl MO gets played a fair bit other than that I don't know a huge amount about the music In Scandinavia which is awful but Im excited to learn, I always think you guys love dance music and electro pop which isn't really my cup of tea but I'm probably completely wrong haha soo if you're reading this tweet me some artists to check out @adysuleiman and I apologise for my bad education.

    - When your music varies so much in terms of genres and sounds, I can't hold back of the most used question in music journalism, who are your inspirations? Like, I am really curious. Where did you get inspired from?
    Its cool its a important question. Amy Winehouse was huge inspiration of mine not only because of her vocals but because of the music she was making she was crossing jazz and hip-hop and 60s soul music together and its was crossing over to the mainstream which was huge for some one like myself I had never seen a modern artist making that kind of music and receiving that much success form it. It gave me inspiration to pursue music and prove that you can be successful making the music you want yo don't have to sell out and be a mainstream pop artist. Also Jimi Hendrix though he dosnt have much impact on my music today he is the reason I became obsessed with music in the first place I was in ore of the guy and the whole 60s era. I also love jazz Chet Baker, Sarah Vaughn. soul Sam Cooke, Ray Charles 90s Hip- Hop Wu-tang clan, Nas but more recently I am inspired by artists like Chance the Rapper, Erykah Badu D'angelo, also shout out to Bob Marley how can you not be inspired by Bob.

    - I want everyone to see you cover Miguel's "Quickie". Cause if you are anything like that live, MAN, you better walk around with a prenup. Is there anyone special in your life?
    Haha you're jokes. Im excited to play on Saturday hopefully you can make the show and have the answer. Is there anyone special in my life? YESSS of course loads of people. My Family mum dad and two sisters are really my foundations and rocks for everything like thats my people haha Family is very important and special thing for me and I am so great full to have them in my life. Also all my friends shout out to the Gtown crew always got love for the people you've grown up with I'm lucky to have tight group of friends that all still get along. My flat mate I've known since i was four so we like brothers and I have very special lady in my life and last but not least everyone that supports me I couldn't do the shit I do right now with outs support from my fans. I am very great full for there support without them I can't do what I love. so basically I am very blessed right now luckily to have all these people in my life. A lot of LOVE for everyone.

    - What are your plans for the summer?
    Mainly Festivals and Finishing my album then some headline shows I hope I make it our to Europe to do a headline tour we will see but so far I am playing at.

    - Aside from you, who is another UK artist we should listen to?
    Loads Nao, Loyle Carner, Tom Misch, SG Lewis, Jay Alexzander Rosie Lowe Little Simz if you if you want more tweet me and I we can have a trade of for some norwegian artists but a lot of talent right now in the world and I wish everyone to be heard and the best of success.

    - How was it to work with Joey Bada$$?
    it was amazing to have him feature on 'whats the score?' Unfortunately due to him being in america and me in UK we didn't manage to get into the studio together, but the fact he took the time to listen to my music and write a verse to a song is incredible a amazing artist hopefully get to in studio with him in near future.

    - Now that some many legends have passed away. Who would be your dream collaboration of the living?
    I mean we can't forget Stevie Wonder is still going strong. I think for me that would be the ultimate. I grew up listening to him. ha I can dream

    - Are you excited about performing in Oslo? Do you have any plans while visiting? (If not, what would you like to do.)
    I am super excited I love Oslo its so expensive though you guys must be minted haha. I went to a club once and it was like 25 pounds for a pint? Did I get ripped off? I have to leave early in the morning so unfortunately i don't have a lot of time to see much but I 'I'll be back' (in my terminator voice) I will definitely stay at the festival and meet some people maybe have a couple of beers if the price is right ;) other than that its a short trip.

    - What is your motivation for this whole music thing? Saving the world, entertain people, or straight out sharing your gift?
    I started doing music because it gave me a voice and I was so fucked off with the world, so I think my number one priority yeh is to help people and I hope my music does that In some way I know I can do more and have no excuse for not doing more to help others outside of music I will make sure i am more active in the future. I find often I get so caught up in stuff that doesn't really matter and its easy to forget whats important. I would be lying if I didn't have my own selfish desires in music but at the time I have always wanted to use my voice for good. So many things in media are controlled. Its important for artists to tell a different story and give an alternative.

    - What's up next for you?
    Norway Baby xx



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