Music from Sweden have always found its way beyond the northern boarders, and proven to be worthy of international recognition. David Landolf and Noël Svahn are no exception.

    By Kelly Bricen

    Kretsen is a new group, but they have secretly been on everybody’s lips. Writing and producing for artists such ass Norlie & KKV, Silvana Iman, and Cherrie, the duo have proven that their talent is worthy of the success coming their way. The two producers, now turned artists, have known each other for ten years, and if they ever have a problem they solve it with rock, paper, scissors.

    What is your take on the Scandinavian music scene at the moment?
    The Scandinavian scene is fire at the moment, there are so many cool up-and-coming acts, writers and producers. It feels like something new is about to come around the corner every day and the underground scene is constantly growing in such a positive way, we love it!

    Do you have any favorites?
    We have so many. Little Dragon, Kwamie Liv, Seinabo Sey, Maja Francis, Silvana Imam, some hip hop group called TUAI and of course OMVR to name a few.

    What is the biggest difference between producing for others rather than for yourselves?
    Freedom I guess, in both a positive and negative sense. Being able to use whatever weird stuff we could possibly come across is so much fun but sometimes at the cost of not being very effective, haha.

    Can you namedrop some artist you have worked with?
    We've produced and written with quite a lot of people but most recently Norlie & KKV, Silvana Imam, Petter, Maja Francis, Amanda Winberg..

    Working as a duo can have it’s ups and downs. What are the perks and downsides of working together?
    We've known each other for like 10 years so there isn't much we've not dealt with, but sure, in the studio we pretty much have our roles and know what we like and not like and so on.

    Can you describe each other with 5 words?
    David - is late, chord master, sports, mediator and Ernst. Noël - is early, eccentric, snus, audio nerd and persuasive.

    What is your relationship to Norwegian music?
    We've been huge fans of Norwegian music for years, everything from Röyksopp has always been close to heart and obviously the super success of Stargate. But also the younger generations like Julie Bergan, Astrid, Unge Ferrari, Cashmere Cat, Kygo, Matoma to mention a few. Norway never stops to amaze when it comes to music!

    You released “Walls” with in April, and it already has 1,5 million plays on Spotify. Pretty sick! What’s up next?
    Haha thanks! Work, work work and expecting to release more material when summer is over.

    On the hit single, you collaborated with OMVR. How did it go down?
    We first heard of OMVR through a friend and when we asked around everyone always spoke so well of him so when he came over to Stockholm we had to try and get him into the studio. We actually started working on a couple of songs for him but in the end all of us felt that Walls was more suitable for Kretsen.
    OMVR is simply the best, so grounded, humble and dedicated.

    What would your dream collaboration?
    It would be cool to have Waka Flocka Flame and Trentemoller on the same track.

    That’s both very weird but interesting. Last Q: To people who don’t know who you are, why should they look into it?
    WHAT, people don't know us? ;) If you want to dance, love, cry sadly but with a happy feeling or simply if you're looking for new music you definitely have to keep an eye on us!



    Tags: #summerdaze #junkmusic

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