As the Scandinavian music scene keep expanding, the level of talent keep rising. The newest edition to the family is the Danish R&B/Soul group Phlake.

    By Kelly Bricen

    Sexy pregnancy? Call it controversial, but the Danish duo, are not afraid of facing a hormonal woman. On the opposite they actually pay homage to all expecting mothers with their hit “Pregnant”. The sweet but sexy tune might contribute to an increasing birth statistics in Denmark, to say the least. Now the group, which consists of Jonathan Elkær and Mads Bo, are just waiting for the world to follow.

    Congratulations with the huge success on "Pregnant". 13,8 million plays on Spotify is pretty impressive. Did you expect the song to get that much attention?
    Thank you very much! We were actually not sure how people would react to the song. Cause it’s kind of a quirky topic. People usually write songs about the act before the pregnancy. We thought it would be a fun homage to women everywhere; a different way of saying you'll be there for your significant other. Even when the hormones are raging and everyday life sets in. We had no idea how it would be received, but we were pretty stoked when we saw what impact the song ended up having. PS. It’s a really fun song to play live!

    Talking about quirky, the lyrics have some interesting metaphors. What does “swimming in Oreo’s” mean?
    Swimming in Oreos is a metaphor for the wonderfully bizarre job it sometimes is, to be the snack provider for a healthy protein craving pregnant woman :) Anybody who has been on a late night snack patrol knows exactly what swimming in Oreos mean. You can find these people at any store that's open past 2 o'clock in the morning.

    Also, what interests you about MILF's?
    Well, we’ve been interested in finding our one and only MILF´s since we were little kids.

    You guys are on the edge of a Scandinavian and potentially a huge international success, are you ready for it?
    We’re working hard every day trying to write great music and play the best concerts we can. We’re always trying to push the bar a little bit further and do things different on the next song or album. That being said, none of us have tried this before. Only time will tell if we’re ready or not.

    Let’s take it back to the childhood. What were your dreams as little boys, just sitting in your bedrooms staring at the ceiling?
    Ninja Turtles. How to save the planet. How to look cool when I saved the girl I was crushing on´s life, because she fell off a cliff but I caught her by swinging my Yo-Yo around her ankle. And burger.

    That is very specific. Lets try another one. Who was on your bedroom wall as a kid? Any musical inspirations?
    The two of us have quite different music backgrounds actually - especially when it comes to our early musical influences.

    Jonathan: I was into stuff like Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and that type of music. A white kid listening to West Coast gangsta rap, haha. I actually used to be a rapper, but ended up producing and composing. I guess melodies have always been my forté. And I can’t sing, so that kind of narrows it down.

    Mads : There were football posters on my walls when I was a kid. Players like Brian Laudrup, Romário and of course Henning Berg. Musically I liked many different things as a kid. I liked anything that was playing, especially if it was something I could sing along to. I rarely bought CD’s, but I really enjoyed making my own mixtapes with all of my favorite music on.

    What is your relationship with Norway?
    Mads: My family have Norwegian friends that feels like family, and I´ve been on many skiing holidays in Norway ever since I was a small boy. Because of that I have a lot of nice childhood memories from Norwegian mountains; eating waffles with rømme and marmalade, Kvikk Lunsj and drinking too much Solo.
    Through my many visits I´ve developed a pretty decent Norwegian accent. I use almost every chance I get to try and convince drunk Norwegian students in Copenhagen, that I am from Oslo as well. Some of them buys it. For a half a minute or so. But many Danes can’t hear that I’m faking, and many times I´ve managed to convince Danish people for hours, that: Jeg vokste opp i en liten by i nærheten av Lillehammer. Og jeg har en eldre bror som heter Steffen som spilte spiss i det norske landslaget. Og Tottenham i Premier League.. And lots of other randomness..

    Do you have a message to the Norwegian people?
    First of all, thank you for having a language that is freestyle-able for Danes! On a more serious and musical note; we think it could be cool if the Scandinavian countries became more united, at least in regards to the music business. Our countries are quite small, but there is a lot of talent out there, and if we worked towards creating a stronger Scandinavian market, that would be beneficial to a lot of up and coming artists.

    What are your plans for the future?
    We are releasing our debut album slush hours on the 10th of June. We've been working on it for more than 5 years, so we really look forward to the day it drops - and the time after of course. Our hopes are that this album, and many more, will be a big part of our plans for the future. We also have plans on playing live with the album all summer long!



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