Sven Thorgren @ Riks Banked Slalom

    We followed Sven Thorgren up to the very north of Sweden, Riksgränsen, for the third annual Riks Banked Slalom.

    Riksgränsen is classical ground for snowboarding and a lot of historical moments have gone down there in the last 20-25 years.

    This year the event was visited by riders like Ingemar Backman, Hampus Mosesson, Jacob Wilhelmson, Jacob Söderqvist, Joni Malmi and it featured a photo exhibition by Calle Eriksson, an auction with prints from Vincent Skoglund, a unique live screening of TANS movie ”1997 Forever” with a live accompanied music set.

    Winners of Riks Banked Slalom 2015
    Ladies Senior: Ylfva Runarsdottir, 1.26.84
    Ladies Masters: Maria Danielsson, 1.33.90
    Juniors: Samuel Millqvist, 1.22.01
    Seniors: Sven Thorgren, 1.14.67
    Masters: Pontus Ståhlkloo, 1.14.60
    Real Masters: Henrik Jansson, 1.19.18

    Tags: #snow #snowboarding #sventhorgren #riksbankedslalom

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