WeSC 2015 Summer Collection

    Reflection of life since 1999.

    The days when street wear was ‘jeans and a hoodie’ are long gone and in the world of the Intellectual slacker there’s room for both suits and sneakers. No rules apply, individual style is key and a mix of dressed and deconstructed saves the day almost everyday. You want comfort – no restraints – you want mobility, cause you may be wearing a suit but that doesn’t stop you from ripping on your way to work. Since you know you’re gonna pass that rail on your way there – why deny yourself the pleasure?

    For the WeSC's Summer 2015 collection they left the woods of previous seasons and focused our attention on water and it’s various reflections. Colors range from lightest pool turquoise to darkest navy and just like Spring 15, indigo is a strong presence. Crisp white and pops of neon in the graphics provide instant summer vibes.

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    Tags: #WeSC #superlativeconspiracy #ss15

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